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Neptune Performance at North Queens

Our students have been invited to North Queens to participate in a field day as well as attend a Neptune Theatre performance.  Please remember to bring your money if you have placed a cafeteria order.  Community members and parents are invited as well.  Please see the newsletter for further information.

National Day of Honour

National Day of Honour is happening on Friday, May 9 at 2 pm at the Greenfield Cenotaph.  Our students will be walking to the Cenotaph for two minutes of silence to reflect upon the sacrifice made during the Afghanistan Mission.

Build A School Challenge - Wednesday, April 30

All schools in the South Shore Regional School Board are helping to Build a School through the organization of Free the Children.  This is a project to help empower children to lead productive, successful and happy lives.  All students are encouraged to bring in some loose change on Wednesday, April 30 for this challen


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