Greenfield Elementary School

Greenfield Elementary School

5060 Highway 210,

Greenfield, NS B0T 1E0

Phone : 902-685-5400

VP Cellphone: 902-350-3281

Fax : 902-685-5401

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Greenfield Elementary School is located on the beautiful Medway River in Queens County, Nova Scotia. We are part of the North Queens Family of Schools (North Queens Rural High, North Queens Elementary and Greenfield) in the South Shore Regional School Board. Students begin school in grade primary and continue their education in the little school until the end of grade six. Currently, children in grades P-2 are in the “Primary” classroom. Students in grades 3-6 are in the “Senior” classroom. Our school has a total of 30 students this year.

Ms. Dawn Uhlman, fondly known as Ms. U., teaches the P-2 class and is the Vice-principal. She has been teaching at the school since 1996.

Mr. Curtis Snyder teaches grade 3-6.

Mr. Colton Monroe teaches P-4 Math and Physical Education.

Mr. Mike Chapman teaches French.

Mrs. Alison Williams teaches Music.

Mrs. Kathryn Freeman is our Administrative Assistant.

Mr. Evan Uhlman is our bus driver.

We are in the process of hiring a noon hour supervisor and custodian.

Co-operative grouping and peer helping provides all students with an opportunity to experience leadership and guidance at all ages. Students learn to work independently in a positive, caring, family atmosphere. The school day begins at 8:10. Classes begin at 8:28. Bell time for recess is at 10:05 and lunch at 11:50.  Dismissal is at 2:15. Volunteers are always welcome to assist students with their work and activities. If you are interested in sharing some time at our school, please let us know.