Cancer Can Be Changed

The grade 3-6 students have begun a campaign to raise funds for cancer research.  This idea was brought on by Zoe Fiander’s diagnosis and successful treatment of kidney cancer.  The student’s brainstormed with their teacher, Mr. Snyder and he approached The LaHave River Credit Union in Bridgewater and the Terry Fox Foundation with this idea.  These institutions have both signed on to be part of this endeavor.  It is specifically loose or rolled change of any denomination that is requested for this fundraiser.  All of the proceeds are going to The Terry Fox Foundation.  Please drop off your rolled change to the LaHave River Credit Union on North Street in Bridgewater.  If it is more convenient to drop your loose or rolled change off to the school, please do so.


It was determined through research that Canada had between approximately 11 to 15 billion pennies in circulation, however, the penny is being slowly taken out of circulation and it is estimated that there is possibly 4 billion still in circulation.  Our aim is to collect as many pennies as possible to donate to cancer research.  If you have any questions about this fundraiser please contact the school.